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Hanlin Li is an assistant professor in the School of Information at UT Austin. Her research aims to inform policy and design interventions to incentivize responsible data collection and use. She examines the societal and economic impact of data generated by the public, from rating data to social media comments. Her work sits at the intersection of data governance and human-computer interaction. Li holds a Ph.D. in Technology and Social Behavior from Northwestern University. She publishes in ICWSM, ACM CHI, ACM CSCW, and ACM FAccT. Her work has been covered by national and international media outlets, including NY Times, The Washington Post, and MIT Tech Review. 


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Email: lihanlin@utexas.edu 

Twitter: @hanlinliii

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Spring 2024 Office Hours
Thu 10:30-11:30am on Zoom 

Work with me
Current UT undergrad and grad students may complete independent study course credits with me and should feel free to reach out via email. 


Jun 2023 - Some media mentions of our research on content moderation labor: The Washington Post, Vice, NBC, and Business Insider. Also, another paper on data labor was referenced by MIT Tech Review

Apr 2023 - The last piece of my dissertation, the Dimensions of Data Labor, is accepted at ACM FAccT 2023. 

Apr 2023 - talked to Justin Phillips from SF Chronicle about the labor theft behind AI. 

Jan 2023 - A lot happening! Defended my dissertation, moved to the bay area, gave a talk at CHIWORK, joined Berkeley, did some science writing

August 2022 – Our workshop, Ethical Tensions, Norms, and Directions in the Extraction of Online Volunteer Work, is accepted at CSCW 2022. Join us in discussing the relationship between online volunteers and the tech industry! Submit your poster by Sep 28 to guarantee a presentation slot.

June 2022 – Some news coverage on our ICWSM papers: NY Times, German NPR, Coda, and NewScientist.

June 2022 – Our paper on measuring the monetary value of online volunteer work won an award – best paper honorable mention at ICWSM!

June 2022 – Check out the press release for our papers on content moderation! Will be presenting these studies in person at ICWSM’22!

April 2022 – Our paper on responsible AI licensing accepted at FAccT’22. PDF forthcoming.

March 2022 – Completed my TAship for a Social Network Analysis class for undergrads and master’s students at NU. What an interesting panel of final projects!

March 2022 – Two papers on content moderation labor accepted at ICWSM’22. PDFs forthcoming. See you in Atlanta, GA!

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